• Arne

Why I think the world is improving but still to be improved

Factfulness is an outstanding book that presents important data in a modern way. It helps to see the world with different eyes. If you think everything is just getting worse Hans Rosling will prove you wrong.

Hans Rosling was a medicine and worked in various countries fighting poverty. He was always serious about data and developed an innovative approach how to best present it. In one of the most famous TED Talk you can see him presenting his data:

Hans also worked as an advisor to the United Nations and other leading politicians. What I admire of Factfulness is that the book is really objective. It is about analyzing data and deriving conclusions and not about spreading subjective opinions. Not only as an investor but as a serious human being you would need to know in which world you are living in. Fortunately, it is not as bad as you might think.

The book is available in both German* and English*.

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