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Lessons from a 100-Year-Old Man

Benjamin Ferencz is the last living Nuremberg prosecutor. He was a soldier of the Allies of World War II and helped to free the concentration camps. He graduated from Harvard Law School and had a major stake in the implementation of the International Criminal Court. It is a must read for everyone.

It is without any doubt a book that everyone must read. In Parting Words Benjamin shares the most important chapters of his remarkable life. He was born in a country 100 years ago which no longer exists anymore: Transylvania. He grew up in extreme poverty and had to flee from being followed because of being Jewish. Beside all those terrible circumstance he graduated from Harvard Law School and acted as a prosecutor in the most important trials of human history: the Nuremberg trials. No matter his age he is still keeps fighting for justice today.

You cannot miss all the valuable advice Ben shares in his book. Especially in today's world, where we notice a growing acceptance for racism we must never forget about the horrors and atrocities done by the German Nazis. Ben helps remembering.

The book is available in both English* and German*.

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