• Arne

Are you up to boost your knowledge in security analysis?

In Security Analysis, Benjamin Graham, the Great Father of value investing, together with David L. Dodd reveal their secrets on the analysis of securities. In case you are actively picking securities you definitely need to read it.

Unlike Graham's masterpiece The Intelligent Investor, this book focuses more on the techniques you may use for analyzing securities.

It starts with an introduction on the usage of security analysis as well as its limits. Then, it gets into detail on the topic of security valuation. Here, Graham and Dodd provide useful insights not only for investments in common stocks, but also for other securities such as bonds, preferred stocks, and, to some extent, also derivatives.

Even though I think this book is of great value for the professional investor, you should bear in mind that some aspects, e.g., the ability to find stocks that are selling for less than its working capital, are simply not relevant anymore today. However, this book still makes you think different, especially when it comes to reading financial statements.

If you consider yourself a long-term professional investor who would like to learn more about security analysis this book is a must buy. Bear in mind, this masterpiece is a reference book that provides solutions for various problems in security analysis. It is no light reading you want to enjoy before going to bed. Purchase it directly here*. If you need some investment book from Graham to start with I recommend you go with The Intelligent Investor instead.