• Arne

A story about continuous failure and success

Phil Knight reveals his story about how he started one of the worlds most successful fashion companies: Nike. It is an honest tale and a must read for both managers and investors.

I began playing football the moment I started walking. It has been my sport ever since. Back in 2006, when the World Cup took place here in Germany, everyone went crazy. Public viewing became the new trend. I haven't seen anyone without a brand new jersey. All of my friends got literally paralyzed by one of the best advertisements I have ever seen on sports produced by Nike; the Joga Bonito videos with world famous player Éric Cantona.

However, Nike is not exclusively in the football business, but rather has a major stake in almost every famous sport around the globe. Right from the beginning, Phil Knight, realized the importance of creating brand loyalty by signing worlds best athletes.

But what is the actual story behind this outstanding sports brand? If you are keen to know Shoe Dog is a most read for you. It is an honest tale on how to start a business and what it takes to make it successful. It is a story mainly about failure and not about success. However, the more you dive into it the more you understand success and failure to be inevitably connected. It is also a story about friendship and exploitation, about love and commitment. While other business books usually provide you with some approach how to succeed, this one does not. As Bill Gates stated:

"An honest tale on what it takes to succeed in business."

This is what makes it so valuable, and a good night read as well.

Shoe Dog is available in both German* and in English*.